Nice Guys or Bad Guys: What Do Women want?

Perception about men will definitely cross the mind of women. What type of men for them is the number one topic of their list to talk to? Somehow in their mind, bad ass type or that nice type of guy are the two options. A woman’s dating preference is the ultimate paradox.

Nice Guys

Most women want to have the guy who is sensitive, emotionally fluent and intimate. They are looking for a man who will surely provide them their needs. A man, who was more masculine, physically attractive, good looking, fit and high in sex appeal is one of the reasons of an ideal nice guy. In additional, a man who have good investment and ability, who is good at parenting and who is a good partner for a long time are just few from a hundred qualities of a nice guy. However the notion of a nice guy thing is somehow irritating. It’s essentially giving credit to men who are just slightly less douche than the regular crowd. Moreover, there’s still this “real-nice guy” thing who, at first, wants to be friends first before anything else. Relationships do come and go but good friendship, ones that last and grow with time, are rare and few. Nice guy can understand the difference between friend-zoning and turning him down.  Also, nice guys does things without any expectations, they also treat woman equal.

Bad Guys

On the other hand, bad guys do really get the eyes of most women. They always win the soft spot for girls. Recent research has found that men who have vain and psychopathic tendencies usually get more dates than average men. It almost seems like most men fall into bad boy thing. For women, they look at the persona of a bad boy as being real; having that bad ass look says it all. They never need to pretend or hide under the skirt of their mother. Also, women find these men not boring,  good in sex, in exploration and adventure because of the unpredictable side of them makes them so challenging. In additional, if bad boys will need to pick a choice between conservative women over liberated women they would feel comfortable with the woman who is liberated because for they know to bring out a woman’s carnal desires. Their own sexuality and virility is likely one of his most valued traits among himself. They may not admit it but part of their self worth is tied to his sexual prowess and conquest. Those traits of a bad boy turn on women most of the time for they feel safer than having a nice guy.

What do women want?

Definitely, women want it all. Whichever type of man they would have as their partner; they still want those men who can be with them for long-term and satisfying relationship. Mostly women wanted to have this “bad guy” thing. However, as this thing goes, finding the right partner is the hardest thing to do. Whether is it a bad guy or a bad guy thing? You’ll find the best man in them as long as you’re willing to give in the things they satisfy them most. Because boys will always be boys, it’s in the women how they can drive these things out and spice up the relationship for them.

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