Foods That Kill Your Sex Drive

Eating is a habit that we all must take care of because what we put in our body will affect our outcome. One’s sex drive is greatly affected by the foods a person consumes daily. That is why you have to take notes of the food you must, and must not eat.

To be able to increase your sex drive, there are some foods you should eat in very small quantity. The foods below are the things you must avoid or have the least consumption possible;


They say that if you drink alcohol, it will increase your sexual desires. However, alcohol in excess will cause a man’s erectile dysfunction. For both men and women, too much alcohol drinking will cause reduction of libido.

Processed Foods

Who doesn’t love eating foods that are processed? Everyone loves canned ham, tuna chunks, etc. and there is nothing wrong with it. However, if consumed too much, it will affect your sex drive. Processed food has very low nutrients contents. Lacking nutrients in the food you are eating will result in malnutrition. This will also result in loss of sex drive, especially in men.


This type of dairy product comes from a cow which is injected with synthetic hormones. This will lead to the disturbance of the production of estrogen and testosterone. Once the natural production of hormones disturbed, it will lead to lacking sex drive of both male and female.


In everything you eat, there is a huge possibility of sugar presence. Sugar increases the level of insulin in your body and once you have too much of it, your body will store fats. Once your body has more fats than muscles, your testosterone will drop down. In men, it will lead to erectile dysfunction and in women, leading to lacking sexual desires.

Strawberry, peaches, cherries, and apples

These are grown produces which are loaded with estrogen-killing pesticides. Since these fruits have edible skins, you will most likely to eat their skins. That is why many people are choosing organic produce to keep away from sex drive killers.

Diet Soda

This soda has artificial sweeteners which affect the serotonin levels in your body. This hormone is responsible to let you feel a sense of happiness which is essential to have an increase in your sex drive. When your body has a lower level of this hormone, your libido will go down.

Foods that are rich in trans fat

Trans fat is one of the topmost killers of libido. It will make you less horny and hinder your orgasm.


It is one of the most popular drinks that give an aromatic and refreshing feeling. However, regular consumption of coffee increases your anxiety and this will lead to lower sex drive.

These foods can still be consumed but make sure to keep it in moderate level. If you can avoid the foods listed above, the better. There are other alternatives so your sex drive will not decrease. It is important to keep an eye of the foods you are eating especially if you want to have a happier and healthier sex life.

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